how to finish carpet at bottom of stairs

December 2, 2020

Removing carpet from the stairs requires more tools and safety equipment than you might expect. Finish with a cross in the middle of the back of the mat. Cut to size and attach to your existing stairs with finish nails. There is a door at the bottom of the stairs so stairs are in the room. Hello! How to Carpet Stairs and Fit Carpet on a Staircase. Note, though, that refacing kits do raise the level of your stairs. This is depicted below on my crude diagram. If not, start at the bottom and use your nail puller to loosen a piece and pull from there to rip the carpet up. Here, a 80/20per cent wool/nylon carpet (used with a matching border on the main floor) maximizes comfort and wear. If you happened to see this post from last week, then you have already had a sneak peak at my newly redone stairs. Take the carpet off all the stairs and make the stairs hardwood as well. With the basement stairs fully carpeted, you now want them to look finished and be safe to climb. Carpeted bottom stair meets hard wood flooring I have just had my hallway fitted with a solid wood flooring, it is fitted flush up to the bottom step of the stair case. I am laying laminate flooring in my hallway. Stair refacing kits, such as the StareCasing Kit, comes with a solid hardwood tread and riser. However, many homeowners prefer the look of wood or laminate throughout the floors in their home. Here are instructions on laying carpet on your stairs, including tools you will need and a few tips and tricks to get the stair carpet fitted without any mishaps. Step 3 - Finish Up. You can use the same carpet on the stairs as on the main floor. Finish the bottom of the runner by wedging the loose carpet end into the 3/4-inch gap between the fastening strip and the floor. You should aim for the nearest the angle between thread and height of the step. This is because you are less likely to slip on carpeted stairs than on hard stairs. Find a good place to start removing carpet from stairs. The part of the stair case that will contact the carpet will be the bottom riser. During the installation of your carpeting, you may have exposed edges, such as at doorways or on staircases. Each piece of carpet was also wrapped around the edges of the stairs and around the balusters, so I had to remove the staples holding it in place from underneath (green arrow below). We did this project over a full weekend and two additional weeks nights following. The problem is that the bottom step of the stairs is curved at the corner. Will a carpet fitter still be able to carpet my stairs and how will the carpet finish when it meets the wood floor? That can be done in two combinable ways. Well, as promised, I am going to break down the entire process for you and show you how we went from carpet to hardwood stairs … Use carpet tape to go around the outside of the underneath of the mat or carpet. Staple each step on the staircase to the wood, to round off the carpet installation process. Your second question: Probably. Tuck the end of the carpet into the gap between the tack strip and the tile by using a stair tool or a putty knife. Be careful not to unravel the carpet fibers. Also, it's quite loose. Glue Carpet to Stairs; Install a bullnose stair; ... Once you've installed the rest of the stairs, cover the top tread and install a transition to finish the flooring at the top of the stairs. I think I can figure out the rail, newel, ballusters, risers and treads, but I can't wrap my head around how to finish the triangle shape left behind from the stringers and the 1-by wood strips that rest to the outside of the stringer.. Fitting a stair carpet runner is not as difficult as you may think. When the complete length of the transition has been successfully tucked, run a bead of latex glue inside the crevice between the carpet and the tile to ensure that the carpet stays in place and does not come up. Other options include: Create a small carpet landing at the top. Vinyl coverings with built-in teeth that grip the carpet are available for the stairs. Use a piece of trim to hide the cut and make it finished. Rather than install $2000 of new carpet, our idea is to install something more durable/indestructible such as resilient vinyl plank flooring (Allure brand from Home Depot) everywhere but the stairs, which we were planning on painting. A long time ago I shared how we ripped the carpet off of our stairs (click HERE to see) and then they sat there in a raw wooden state with only primed risers. My husband and I recently tore the carpet from our stairs and painted the wood underneath creating a fresh, clean, and modern look! I think it is on their bucket list. Folding the carpet edges under is one solution to this situation. Cut out any excess carpet or run-off at the bottom of the staircase. Just leave the expansion gap, pack off the riser with carpet underlay and fit the carpet. Hi - Had some new carpet installed on my stairs last week and am not comfortable with the fitting. The carpet was old and dirty giving the entry a very dark and dated feel. But this was the easiest part of the whole process! … We ripped out the smelly carpet from the basement stairs and now want to finish the stairs in wood. Attach the carpet to the stairs pushing down to stick it when you are happy with its position. Use a carpet awl to ensure a clean finish between the bottom of the stair … Press it in to secure it. So in one day my husband and daughter pulled out the carpet and padding from the hall (that’ll be another post!) winder stairs (where the stairs go round a corner) bullnoses (a shaped stair at the bottom of the flight). Don't push it tight to the floor, there may be tack strip there holding the carpet. If you don't have carpet on the stairs fill it with filler. This creates a clean line between the bottom of the stairs and the flooring. Or the space beneath the hang can be filled in with wood. Gloves were an important part of this process, too, those staples are painful little buggers! Cut the vinyl mat and place it over the carpet. You want to make sure the runner is centered, with equal amounts of wood on each side, before pressing it into the first tack strip. This is our step by step guide on how to fit your stair runner to your staircase. Around the stairs i profile it around the stairs with 1mm/2mm gap which carpet on stairs covers. ... Make sure the bottom part of the nose is pressed firmly against the riser below. We are sanding the floorboards of our loft bedroom but thinking of putting carpet/runner on the stairs but I cant think how you would finish the carpet at the top of the stairs. Carpet On Stairs, Wood Floor In Hall - posted in Off topic Chat: Hello, The other half wants to put carpet on the stairs and the landing in our house, but have wooden flooring in the hall. He used a carpet knife and sliced it open from one side to the other and then just pulled off the carpet and padding. This is our stairs before. Begin at the bottom of the stairs and work your way up to the top of the staircase. I removed carpet from stairs, they are sound, but even with some sanding are pretty unattractive. Finish removing any tacks that are still stuck in the stairs using a set of needle-nose pliers. Hi all. Now It’s ready to attach. Here at runrug, we have mastered the art of fitting a lot of things including stair rods, hall runners and stair carpet runner and we want to bestow our wisdom to you. The bottom step is a bull nose but appears to have been fitted over the top of it and stapled to fit in the corner which looks a little shoddy. How To: Install Carpeting on Stairs If you can’t choose between carpet and wood to cover your stairs, choose both! I started at the bottom corner of the stairs by using a crowbar to pry the carpet away from the tack strip. Cut it so it touches the carpet and hides the gap at the bottom. After only 18 months of tenancy, the carpet is irreparable. Carpeted stairs are preferred over wood or laminate stairs by many homeowners. Hi - Had some new carpet installed on my stairs last week and am not comfortable with the fitting. The new stair nose cannot be installed with an overhang. Does anyone have advice or preferably images as I I am not sure how it would look. In these cases, you need a way to conceal the exposed edges so that your carpet does not fray and looks professionally finished. Use a tack hammer to drive the carpet end firmly into place along the floor at the bottom of the riser. Most of the stairs have an overhang that may need to be cut off. The flooring manufactures say 10mm/12mm gap to cover themselves i think incase something does expand. The best way to finish it off is to cut the bottom riser a little short where it meets the floor. Or you can have laminate on the stairs and need to finish the carpet up to the top stair of laminate. Most often the top stair will involve installing a stair nose. Center the carpet on the bottom edge of the steps. and stairs. First, before I get to the step by steps for you, this project needs the right tools. Laying carpets on stairs can be a little tricky. Stapling plays several important roles in the process of carpeting stairs. Always start from the top of the stairs and work your way to the bottom. How to remove carpet from stairs. The bottom step is a bull nose but appears to have been fitted over the top of it and stapled to fit in the corner which looks a little shoddy. In the instructions it says that you should leave a 10mm gap between the edge of the floor and the walls to prevent the flooring from warping. Today I want to address my progress with our stairs. I’m so excited to share this post with you today! Use an awl to push the carpet onto the tackless strip. This arrangement will ensure solidity of the carpet placement. If the stair bottom is to be left exposed as a decorative finish, there are several ways you can dealt with it. Other kits use engineered wood. Make the cut of the carpet right under the lip of the top of the 2nd floor. How to Staple Carpet on Stairs. Doing this will cover the expansion gap. Sensible I suppose, but it seems like it's going to be difficult to do! That one bit of advice pretty much covers 70% of all installations. Thanks for any suggestions! I don't know whether to stain, paint, carpet (least desirable) or something else to improve the appearance. Staple underneath the step noses.

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